I’m a recent graduate with a Masters in Computer Science from Lehigh University.

I like challenging myself and doing new things. I love anything and everything robotics.

I am currently interning on the Autonomous Driving Team at Robert Bosch LLC in Palo Alto California !!🙂. I also interned at Open Source Robotics Foundation and enjoyed every bit.

I had the opportunity to work at the VADER ( Vision, Assistive Devices, and Experimental Robotics) Laboratory with Prof. Dr. John Spletzer for most of my graduate studies and got a chance to work on some really cool robots (and other projects) and the principles and algorithms used to build them.

 You can visit the projects page to know the details about the projects I have worked on and glance through my Resume!

If you have some cool projects, I would love to hear about them! Don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or leave a comment on the website!

Thanks for the visit!🙂